What we are doing and why...

We are joining together as many free thinking, non dogmatic, Spiritual Beings as possible.

But why?

Because for too long now dogmatic lies have dictated to us throughout all areas of society.

We are not allowed to show any kind of disapproval of any religions, as that is seen as taking away someone's free choice. Yet people continue to be murdered in the name of religions and 'God' every single day all over the world. Religious wars have infested all areas of the world at some time or another, and affect everyone on the planet. Yet we are told we must believe that religion is good, and teaches us morals?

We believe the only way to bring balance and peace to the world is to stop others hurting others in the name of religions and religious dogma, and that there should be one rule and one rule only... Do whatever you want, worship whatever you want,  believe anything you want, so long as it hurts no one else and you don't force your views on anyone else. If the world was filled with Spiritual Beings who work on bettering themselves, rather than judging others, just imagine how much better the world would be?

So how do you go about making this a reality?

When someone can see through all the dogma and false ego that is programmed into us, they become very strong independent individuals, who guard their freedom well. Many of them say they will never belong to a 'group' as they feel that it will take their individuality away from them.

However, here lies a problem. As soon as individuals start to wake up to the lies and dogma we have been living under they can start to become selfish and think only of themselves. Instead of using what they know to help others, they see a world full of people who can not be saved from the brainwashing they have fallen for, and so they can become reclusive, or start down an anarchistic path, where they feel it should be everyone for themselves.

But this isn't going to change anything, is it? To make changes we must group together and use their own system against them. Hence The Church of St Mary & St John was formed, as a way of getting a 'religion' which is valid within 'their' rules out into the mainstream. But this Church has a big difference, it is run and formed by Spiritual Beings, not controlling, power hungry, judgemental dogmatic fools. To make a difference we need numbers, if we all get together as Spiritual caring Beings who really do want to make a difference, and our numbers grow, we will get out into the mainstream and create the first and only mainstream 'religion' that is balanced and dogma free, and it doesn't really matter what someone's own personal beliefs are, so long as they agree to this rule: Do whatever you want, worship whatever you want, believe anything you want, so long as it hurts no one else and you don't force your views on anyone else.

Isn't there any other group with your beliefs out there already?

There is currently no group or religion like this in the mainstream. A lot of them might come across as saying they want everyone to have freedom, but they turn a blind eye to the problems in the world, and a vast majority of them are patriarchal and are still working at suppressing women. We can never have balance while this is still going on.

Why is Patriarchy wrong?

How can a system that says a man is better than a woman be right? How is this not harming others? By dictating the roles of men and women, this doesn't allow for individual freedom of choice to be whoever you want to be. If a woman wants to be a Spiritual Leader, because that is her calling, then she should have that freedom. No one else knows what is best for us, than ourselves. Patriarchy has caused wars, murder, mutilation, oppression and suppression of women, rape and all manner of horrors. It is time this was removed completely and freedom of choice and balance brought back, as the way our ancient ancestors lived.

How do I get involved?

If you don't want to be a Priest or Priestess yourself, but agree with what we stand for and what we are trying to do, there are many ways to help and one of the biggest ways is to say you are a Gnostic Theolalite and put your name down as being a member of this Church and this 'religion'. Don't be put off by the terminology which is being used, it is necessary if our plans are going to work. To have the rights of other religions, we must also become one. In our case religion doesn't mean dogma and control, to us our religion simply means: Do whatever you want, worship whatever you want, believe anything you want, so long as it hurts no one else and you don't force your views on anyone else.

Please fill out the form to be part of something amazing..

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Members Form

"I consider myself to be a Gnostic Theolalite, I believe that everyone should have the freedom to:
Do whatever they want, worship whatever they want, believe anything they want, so long as it hurts no one else and they don't force their views on anyone else.

On this day, being of sound mind do declare myself a 'Gnostic Theolalite' and a member of
The Church of St Mary & St John." 

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"Bring back peoples choice and true freedom."
"Excellent Work!"
"I am happy to be a part of this church and have found it to be very informative and educational."
"Hopefully this may be the way forward."
"I look forward to learning more...I love all of the information I have gotten so far and it makes sense...love and blessings to all."
"I believe in OUR Church and ORDER, and am proud to be a member of both!"
"Using religion as an excuse to commit horrible crimes against humanity, is a practice that must end!"
"How could anyone disagree with the tenets of this?"
"Count me in please to help restore the world."
"I certainly do believe so and what an amazing world we would be living in if all shared those same basic beliefs."
"There is strength in numbers."
"Well done! we have waited a long time for this...."

"I would love to become a member of this beautiful movement!"